Tuesday, 14 February 2012


I'm really not very good with the exercise portion of this deal. I guess that's why I keep making it one of my three things--I'll get annoyed with my frequent failures and finally do something about. That's the theory anyway.

Tuesday's to-do:
1 - Eat my body weight in chocolate. Walk for 30 minutes.
2 - Edit section 8.1.
3 - Confirm and then email conference information.
UPDATE: Check, check and check. Except for the chocolate unfortunately.

Well, it's Valentine's Day. My favorite card is still the one I posted last year. However I'm quite fond of this iPhone valentine I stumbled upon recently:
It's the only reason I'd want to get an iPhone.

Consider this your valentine's card from me. You're all appreciative, I can tell.

IMAGE UPDATE: I've reloaded the whale pic and the dino pic in the last post. If you still can't see them, then you're probably Canadian. Not a slur, just a fact since the only two people to mention not being able to see some of the images are in fact Canadian.


Keith said...

Blogger sure hasn't liked the last two dino images. ( I can see the "love you this much, but not the iPhone one, nor the one philosoraptor one). There are many reasons to want an iPhone.

Jamoosh said...

Whale done! That was a whale of a post. Whale, I am off!

Carolina John said...

Ah, that is cute. But I still hate valentines. Seems like a good excuse to stuff yourself on chocolate to me.

Lily on the Road said...

Whale, I can see both images, Keith whale have to reload his PC I suppose, (from one Canadian to another, maybe its because I'm in closer proximity). What a Whale of a jokester I am!

Happy VD to you! Now, I'm off to find chocolate since no one gave me any!

Keith said...

Ok, what a wit that philosoraptor is!

Nitmos said...

You realize that, before long, Diggin' It will become the number one hit on Google when people search for dino pics? Same thing happened to me with the Christmas Vacation pics.

The Merry said...

...and still, not one pic of the REAL Dino, i.e. Dean Martin?

Pact time: I'll walk today if you will. Deal?