Monday, 13 February 2012

Odd combos

Philosoraptor is wise.

I feel very not with it lately. Probably has to do with all the stacks of paper everywhere that are not in any semblance of order. Probably should do something about that.

Monday's must-do's:
1 - Walk, run or Shred.
2 - Sort and file TTSNBN paperwork.
3 - Revamp research timetable for next four weeks.
UPDATE: Fail, check and check. Shit.

These posts are hella boring. To be expected, of course, but hella boring nonetheless.

So check out this:
Art in a toilet paper roll.

These loo roll dioramas are made by artist Anastassia Elias. Check out more on her website. So what kind of funky non-traditional art (either medium or subject) do you like? And please god don't say it's the Duchamp urinal.


Lily on the Road said...

Waaaa, I can't see the dino for the loorolls, that chick has WAY too much time on her hands...let's hope she washes them after touching those rolls...

Hey, you can virtually start walking with me. I'm no where near ready to start running, but yoga, cycling on the trainer and some walking are in order.

Carolina John said...

that is a much better use of TP rolls than just giving them to my kids pets. Cute!

Jamoosh said...

Some people are artists. I am not...

Deb said...

I got ALL excited, because I thought I saw a moose, but it was merely an elk or some other lesser creature.