Thursday, 1 March 2012

February in review

 I love the Boromir memes.

The breakdown:
  • 29 days with 3 tasks each: 87 tasks total
  • Number of failed tasks: 8
  • Percentage completed: 90.8%
  • Did I reach the prize goal (of 90% or better)?: Barely. Doesn’t really matter though. I don’t have time for any vacations (mini or otherwise) for at least a few months because of work-related obligations. Eh, I’m fine with it.
What happened / did I learn over the course of the month:
  • Don’t make one of your daily goals something that is dependent on the work of others. You’ll invariably be let down.
  • To make this system effective, I really need to stay organized. Many days, as I’m sure you could tell, I almost randomly chose what to do for the day. I really need to just keep a running list of essential tasks handy so I don’t waste time.
  • I need to buckle down and start following a proper exercise regimen. I’m not so unfit that I can justify 30 minutes of walking as exercise especially if I don’t want to be a fat ass anymore.
  • Over the last 29 days, I lost a blog follower, gained another and then lost a different one.
  • I also lost and gained two Google Reader subscribers.
  • The blogosphere has finally realized that Carolina John is a skinny bitch and the rest of us (especially me) are fat jealous whores who envy him his un-fatness. You go, CJ!
  • And yes, Viper, I posted at least one dino image every single day. So, what do I win?
  • I've written more blog posts in the first two months of this year than I did in all of 2011. Wow.
I'd like to thank all of you for reading and especially commenting this past month. Your support has really helped me be more productive and I thank you for that. It appears my motivation is fuelled by your taunts and mockery. I always was a contrary creature.

I'm planning on continued and even improved productivity for March. Now to sort out an exercise plan...

Later gators.

P.S.--One final dino-related gift for you. If you're in North America, you can watch it here.


Keith said...

So. A month of boromir meme images. This is gonna be good.

Nitmos said...

If only the world was fueled by my taunts and mockery, what a world it would be! Right?

Viper said...

You win the sense of satisfaction you get from successfully completing a task. That's a gold star for you, deary. Were you expecting something more? If so, that was foolish of you. Cheers!

SteveQ said...

The video is blocked in the US by EMI. Shame; I remember one of the cavegirls being very hot.

As to the Boromir meme... I don't get it.

Xenia said...

I just embedded a different video. Let me know if you still can't see it.

joyRuN said...

CJ is a skinny bitch, and a fasthole to boot.

To be fair, he's shared his secrets to becoming so damn fast, but it's waaaaay too much work for me.

Boromir is HOT. If you post something Boromir-related every day in March, I'll be eternally grateful.

SteveQ said...

Video's still blocked for me.

Lily on the Road said...

Viper should pony up with a prize...I'm thinking an all expenses paid trip to Canada!! Yes, we have dinosaur digs here so it would be a "sort of work related, but not quite".

And nope no can see the video...