Friday, 16 March 2012

Tell me what to do

I went on a quick conference trip to my old stomping grounds (the photo in the last post is Trevi Fountain). I've got another conference at the end of the month (in Deutschland!) and then I head directly from there back to da Boot for three weeks of fieldwork.

This is all fabulous actually. Except for two little details. (1) the TTSNBN, and (2) I'm an unfit couch potato.

I met with my supervisor earlier this week and got her feedback on my full draft. Good news: only minor adjustments on the first seven chapters. Bad news: total rewrite of the last three chapters.

F.    M.    L.

It's like a goddamn elephant pregancy...except my TTSNBN has been gestating over twice as long and is still going.

As for detail #2 - I've not worked out at all since February. The slothfulness is not improving my mental state, but I just don't have the mental energy to devote to sorting out a fitness regimen with a full-time job and the sword of Damocles that is my TTSNBN hanging over my head. I know that sounds like a cop-out and it probably is, but it's how I feel.

So I thought I'd be even more of a whiny weasel and pass the buck off to you guys. Tell me what to do. Wait, scratch that. Let me be more specific. For the rest of March, what runs/workouts should I do? Give me something viable and I may just follow it like the little lemming that I am. If I do, I will reward you with praise and maybe even a kitschy souvenir from my travels.

Have at it.

P.S. - A Happy Mothering Sunday to all the moms out there, British or not, with a special shout-out to my mother who, as always, is amazing as she continues to give me the 'I can't believe I actually birthed you' side-eye even on Skype. Love you, Mom!


Lily on the Road said...

Stretch first thing in the morning and time - weather permitting run / walk 5k three times per week. That is all....

(do you have a race booked?)

Redhead Running said...

I could send you the plan I used to get back at it after this god forsaken injury. Three runs a week, half mile increases each week, lots of walking before and after. Let me know!

SteveQ said...

TTSNBN? This Thesis Should Now Be Nuked?

Viper said...

I agree with Lily. Shoot for 3 miles 3x. That was more or less the basis of my current pre-training plan.

I then added a day of running and started increasing mileage slower than a snail's pace. Do 3x3 for a month and you will get back into a groove.

Theresa said...

Jumping jacks, increasing by one every day. So one jumping jack tomorrow, two jumping jacks on Sunday, three on Monday, four on Tuesday, etc.

I'm sure that will get you fit in no time. *ducking*

The Merry said...

I suggest a hot boyfriend who likes to indulge in frequent athletic romps with you. Preferably one who can type and who is an expert in your field.
Failing that, the 3 by 3 approach sounds like your best bet.

BrianFlash said...

Everyone else beat me to the punch.

30 minutes of cardio a day, three days a week. That's what you need for health. Anything more and you're just trying to get faster.

Wouldn't hurt to do two resistance workouts as well. Start the 100 pushup program. Good core exercise and totally simple (no equipment, no fancy routine).