Monday, 17 June 2013

30 Day Shred

There's been no running since the last time I posted. I had two weeks of continuous work travel in May and, ever since I restarted running in March, the inner (medial?) area below my right knee has not been happy. I was hoping it was just adjusting to being active again, but it would appear it's an actual issue.

Sick of feeling like a (now unemployed) bump on a log with a bum knee, I decided to do the 30 Day Shred DVD in the hopes that it will build up my leg muscles and improve my knee situation.

I tried it once last year and ended up a mass of sore muscles for days afterward. To avoid incapacitating myself again, I did two pre-days where I half-assed the program in order to ease myself into the soreness. That was last Monday and Tuesday. I officially began the 30 days on Wednesday and, as of today, have completed Day 6 of Level 1.

I'll track my progress here, in this one post, for the duration of the program. I weighed and measured myself before I started (no, I'm not posting those numbers) and will let you know at the end if there is any improvement. Since I'm still eating like an indiscriminate garbage disposal, I'm not expecting any significant weight loss.

Pre-Day 1: Level 1. Ran in place instead of doing the bouncing cardio (jumping jacks, etc) and only did a few reps of each of the exercises without any hand weights.

Pre-Day 2: Level 1. Ditto above. Only have light soreness in my booty and hamstrings after yesterday's squat-fest.

Day 1: Level 1. Did modified push-ups and only used 1-lb hand weights because I have the pathetic arm strength of a T-Rex. Light soreness in lower body.

Day 2: Level 1. Dithered for over an hour before I finally got to it. Still used the 1-lb weights. About 30 seconds into the warm-up, there was a rumble down under signalling the imminent arrival of the poo poo train into Sphincter Station. I paused the DVD, did my business and was right back at it.

Day 3: Level 1. Muted the DVD and played my ipod because I was so sick of hearing the same words and corny music. Used 5-lbs weights for one of the exercises. Light soreness in abs and legs.

Day 4: Level 1. Didn't Shred until the afternoon. Was only motivated to do so by a well-timed email from my best friend. Used 5-lb weights for half of the exercises. Continued to mute the DVD. Light soreness in abs and legs. Also walked 1.7 miles.

Day 5: Level 1. Used 5-lb weights for all but one set of one exercise. Booyah. Light soreness.

Day 6: Level 1. PMSing for Britain. Didn't complete all reps for some of the exercises (I HATE PUSH-UPS) and used 1-lb weights for two sets. Yelled at Jillian to f*ck off even though she was already muted. Completed workout anyway. Light soreness all over. Walked 2.7 miles to stretch out muscles and alleviate hormonal rage.

Day 7: Level 1. Used 5-lb weights for entire workout. No soreness. No rage. Also walked 1.8 miles.

Day 8: Level 1. Used 5-lb weights. Keeping on keeping on.

Day 9: No Shredding today. Couldn't be arsed. Walked two miles instead. Thinking of doing the Level 1 routine tomorrow sans DVD since I know it by heart now anyway.

Day 10: 9th day of Level 1. Didn't use the DVD -- timed myself with a stopwatch instead. Still sweated profusely, but did not have the desire to shout at Jillian and her crew. A win-win, really.

Day 11: Nothing. Nada. I'd blame it on lady problems or the stars not aligning correctly, but frankly I was just lazy and couldn't be arsed. Scratch all that. Last day of Level 1 now complete. A little accountability can really get you off your ass sometimes. And by accountability, I of course mean shame and guilt. Who cares, it worked.

Day 12: 1st day of Level 2. Had to hang with Anita (who does the modified beginner's moves) for most of the workout. Used the 1 lb weights to ease myself in. And I'm still a total sweaty mess. Need to do more warm-up and cool-down for my calves and shins though. They've been rather tight the last few days.

Day 13: No Shred. It was a big work day and then I tried to go to bed early when I actually got tired to sort out my junky sleepy pattern, but my digestive system thwarted me anyway. Boo.

Day 14: Level 2 complete. Did half the beginner moves, half regular. All with 1 lb weights. Some of the combination exercises are still a bit rough going for this uncoordinated individual, but I'm trying. The knee is angry again, so I had to do some of the easier cardio moves (no double jump rope for me).

Day 15: Third day of Level 2 complete. Used 5-lb weights for most of workout. Right knee is still a bit angry. Doing extra exercises to relieve tightness in shins and calves.

Day 16: Fourth day of Level 2 complete. Same as yesterday. Stupid cranky knee. I also walked three miles afterward.

Day 17: Fifth day of Level 2 complete. Mostly used 5-lb weights. Less knee pain than past few days.

Day 18: Sixth day of Level 2 complete. Ditto yesterday's commentary. Bit sore in booty and abs. Walked 2.7 miles.

Day 19: Seventh day of Level 2 complete. Routine is becoming easier, although I still can't complete the whole of the first strength session with only the 5-lb weights. Walked 2 miles.

Day 20: Eighth day of Level 2 complete. Booyah.

Day 21: Ninth day of Level 2 complete. Knee is feeling better, but still not great. Looked through the Level 3 routine and I can already foresee soreness after the first day. Yikes.

Day 22: Last day of Level 2 complete. Feeling pretty good about my progress.

Day 23: First day of Level 3 complete. Mix of 1- and 5-lb weights. Had to do modified push-ups and plank moves sometimes.

Day 24: Second day of Level 3 complete. Pretty much the same as yesterday, though trying to do regular push-ups, etc before doing modifications. Replaced the jump butt-kicks with single jump rope move in deference to the weak knee. I'll do regular butt kicks tomorrow instead of the jump ones for more cardio. Also, walked 3 miles.

Day 25: Third day of Level 3 complete. Progressing well and doing more full-plank moves. My right arm is super weak though. The mark of being a lefty, I guess.

Day 26: Fourth day of Level 3 complete. Doing all right. Also walked 2 miles. In flip-flops. Which was a huge mistake.

Day 27: Fifth day of Level 3 complete. Dithered for 10 hours before finally shredding. Thankfully I work from home so no one else had to deal with my unwashed self that whole time.

Day 28: Sixth day of Level 3 complete. Used 5-lb weights for the entire workout. Still having to modify a couple of the jumping exercises (and the push-ups), but doing well and feeling good. Also, walked 3 miles.

Day 29: Seventh day of Level 3 complete. Also, walked 2.7 miles.

Day 30: Shredded and walked 2.7 miles. Just two days left!

Day 31: Second to last day of Level 3 complete. I even did the proper mountain climber form and a few jump butt kicks as my knee has been feeling great the last few days. Also, walked 2 miles.

Day 32: And the last day of Shred is done! And I walked 2 miles.

I'll post my results and thoughts on the 30 Day Shred on Monday Tuesday. Happy weekend!


Keith said...

Glad to see you are still with us. I was thinking on the weekend I should send you an email asking how your huge roman erections are.

Viper said...

So, is this the deadbeat ex-pat version of Sweatin' to the Oldies? Cheers!

Deb said...

You MUTED Jillian???!!!! I feel sorry for you, as I'm certain she'll find out somehow and come and kick your ass. More likely, she'll bellow at Basheera and make HER kick your ass. Either way, you're doomed.